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Worship and Communion, Sundays at 5pm (via Zoom) thru April 16, 2023

Every week we gather, hold our gratitude and our needs before God in prayer, sing our praise, and share Communion. Our service is a traditional liturgy presented in an informal, friendly style. Alongside the Gospel reading, we always include a reading from another world religion to facilitate understanding and healing among all people of faith. Our music ranges from interfaith chants to folk to roots rock, incorporating guitar, piano, mandolin, fiddle, and organ. Everyone is welcome to take communion, regardless of one’s religion.

*The bulletin for each week becomes available by 7pm PDT on Saturday before the service*

Download liturgy here:

Please join us via Zoom by clicking on
Meeting ID: 811 7115 0575 | Passcode: 194181


Or join us by telephone: (669) 900-6833; meeting ID#: 811 7115 0575
(If not in the Bay Area, find your local number here:

Labyrinth Walk with Interfaith Chants, last Friday at 6pm (In-Person)

thru June 30, 2023

At our monthly Interfaith Labyrinth Walk, we light our labyrinth with 97 candles, and as our band plays chants from various world religions. This is a free-form service, with few words spoken, and lots of freedom as we invite people to pray, sing, meditate, or walk the labyrinth. The Labyrinth walk is held on the last Friday of every month, from January through October (we take November and December off). In the Labyrinth Hall.

Other Events During the Month thru June 30, 2023

For our other events, please join us using the following Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 878 5072 1190 | Passcode: 045193

Game Night, 2nd Thursdays at 7pm

Join in playing online board games for fun and connection.

Creating Works Sharing, 3rd Wednesdays at 7pm

Anyone is welcome to attend—with or without writing. All genres and experience levels are welcome. You may share your writing or other creative works, such as visual art (painting, video creations, etc.), or you may show up to discuss your own creative process or the works of others.

Bible Struggle/Study, 4th Wednesdays at 7pm

(NOTE: the Februrary Bible Struggle/Study meeting is being postponed until Wed, Mar 1)

Okay, Bible nerds, this is your chance! Join us as we explore one of the books of scripture, drawing on the historical-critical method and the assembled wisdom of whoever shows up!

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